/dans/ 1: a series of movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. 2: how ian inspires/blows our minds

where are those gifs of Megan and Ian sipping from the same cup from (I tried to be specific) lol

It’s from Brian Puspos’ Own It video!


Omfg, why am I getting this now? But thanks c:

Sweatpants Drop

rickycole_mwc: It’s My big and little Brothas from anotha mothas! Birthday!!! I Love these two dearly, they both inspire me greatly and hope they had the best bday ever!

don't be mad cause i'm doing me better than you doing you

jonjovellanos: This day finally came — it’s been an incredible journey to have the pleasure of watching you grow up and being a part of it | happy 21st birthday little bro! Love ya @ian_eastwood

kylehanagami: Happy Birthday @ian_eastwood!!!! Excited to see what this young lion has in store.